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Costa Ballena’s Other Secret

Edition Jul 16, 2016
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When it comes to turnkey dreams of living life the way it was meant to be, Costa Rica’s southwestern Pacific coast is the place to find them. Where the rainforest canopy connects the mountains to the Pacific Ocean, the Costa Ballena region offers lush beauty, secluded beaches and Pura Vida in its most pristine form. But, while waking up each morning to treetops filled with toucans is enough of a visual stimulus for many investors, Costa Rica’s best kept secret also includes a compelling economic argument to help seal the deal.

As more and more expats focus on the possibilities that Central America has to offer, countries like Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Belize have become dreamcatchers competing for the investments of an awakening world. Nicaragua has emerged on the radar largely due to a low cost of living and inexpensive property values, however the country’s low income and poor infrastructure has left much of the foreign investment community skeptical.

Due south however, Costa Rica has made its mark by forgoing military spending, opting instead to invest heavily in education, health and infrastructure. That path has led the country down a road to economic stability and investment growth, which plays a significant part in any decision to invest in owning a home. In fact, as an economically and politically stable country, Costa Rica has earned a reputation as one of the safest emerging real estate markets in the world.

Within Costa Rica itself, the southwestern Costa Ballena region is just beginning to expose a Pandora’s Box of pristine treasures to those seeking life after life. Strictly regulated and carefully-planned development projects are beginning to bear fruit with finished products that exceed dreamy expectations and make economic sense. One company at the forefront of those endeavors is Axiom Development Group, a company with global expertise in luxury residential development that is creating harmonious and contemporary living spaces in the tropical rainforest. Axiom’s innovative and thoughtfully-integrated communities are expanding upon the fundamental long-term value of investing in Costa Rica by adding energy efficiency, integrated services and more to the equation.

With numerous condominium, villa, townhouse, luxury home and resort projects in the works throughout the region, Axiom’s flagship developments – Élan at Ballena Beach and The Terraces at San Martin – offer value-added reasoning as further incentive to invest in paradise. For those seeking more than just a panoramic dream to wake up to every morning, here are some compelling reasons to consider investing in the Pura Vida of the Costa Ballena region:

  • Beachside condominiums at Élan at Ballena Beach start at just $390K, while ocean view luxury villas at The Terraces at San Martin start at just $590K, offering lower price points than the country’s more developed regions to the north.
  • Costa Ballena real estate values are expected to rise by 5-10% per year for the foreseeable future.
  • Rental income in Costa Rica is high and market demand in the Costa Ballena region currently exceeds supply.
  • Property tax is very low at 0.025% annually.
  • Axiom properties are built to minimize utility costs and include Daikin high-energy efficient a/c and inverters.
  • Élan at Ballena Beach offers additional energy savings through the use of solar power in all public areas, including lighting, elevators and pools.
  • Axiom offers fully-installed, contemporary furnishing packages ranging from $20-$60K, eliminating the need to import décors from abroad.
  • Axiom communities offer value-added services including landscapers, maintenance staff and security guards at all times.
  • Costa Ballena offers a more pristine environment than the California coastline, with comparable luxury at as little as 10% of the price.
  • Costa Rica’s legal system protects foreign investors and Costa Rican nationals equally.

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