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Festival of Whales and Dolphins

Jul 06, 2016
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The keys to unlocking Costa Ballena
What is the best time for whale-watching along Costa Ballena?

While the beauty of the annual migration of humpback whales to Marino Ballena National Park can be witnessed throughout much of the year, the Festival of Whales and Dolphins in Bahia Ballena celebrates the ecological phenomenon with great fanfare in September. Spread across two weeks, the festival celebrates the presence of its mammal visitors through a series of events that include whale-watching tours, athletic competitions, cycling, sand sculpture contests, live music and much more.

While celebrated most notably for its gathering of whales, Marino Ballena National Park attracts several species of ‘cetaceans’, including four types of whales and three species of dolphins, as well as several species of sea turtles. Throughout the Festival of Whales and Dolphins, visitors are encouraged to participate in a series of environmental workshops and presentations hosted by local hotels that shed brighter light on one of Costa Ballena’s most inspiring natural treasures.

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