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Fishing for the ‘pura vida’ of Costa Rica

Jul 19, 2016
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When it comes to fishing, passionate anglers go beyond the limits of geographical barriers in pursuit of their favorite catch, casting their lines in the salty waters of oceans and seas across the globe. But they are never alone as they troll the waters of the world, because competitors from all over the planet converge on deep-sea fishing paradises each year to compete in sport fishing tournaments.

Planet Earth is blessed with a multitude of sport fishing hotspots, and Costa Rica ranks in the top 3. The coastal waters of Costa Rica are rife with species that inspire fishermen-dreams of a luxurious lifestyle in a sport fishing paradise. Costa Ballena is one of Costa Rica’s most popular fishing destinations and the region’s favorable weather and abundant natural resources attracts thousands of competitors and sport fishing enthusiasts from around the world. Costa Ballena’s waters are known to harvest the biggest and best of species that include Billfish, Roosterfish, Dorado, Wahi Wahi and many more.

Among the picturesque beauty and abundance of all-things-nature that characterize the Costa Ballena region, those passionate about offshore fishing can choose from a wide array of packages offered by local fishing clubs, resorts and private businesses. If you aspire to experience deep-sea fishing like never before, then here’s some bait that might lure you to the waters of Costa Ballena:

1). Costa Rica is blessed with a multitude of pristine beaches, but only the coastal waters of Quepos, Manuel Antonio and Costa Ballena can truly be called fishing grounds. Those destinations offer a wide array of both offshore and inshore fishing and attract thousands of visitors throughout the year during peak fishing periods and annual tournaments.

2). Both offshore and inshore fishing in the Costa Ballena region exposes anglers to a wide variety of species, offering lengthy deep-water battles with 100+ pounds of Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna, Dorado, Pacific Sailfish and more. Once your arms are weary, inshore fishing on your return to port can snag you some Snapper, Mackeral, Roosterfish or Snook for the frying pan.

3). Straight out of The Old Man and the Sea, the waters off Costa Ballena offer realistic dreams of record-size catches, so keep your line in the water, hang on tight and get ready to make history!

4). Depending on your budget, private charters are also available for full and half-day trips and for those seeking more of a ‘life at sea’ experience, some charters offer two-day voyages and are equipped with all of the necessary amenities and facilities.

5). If you choose to head out on your own, Costa Ballena, Quepos and Manuel Antonio offer an abundance of fishing guides who can help you to track the specific catch that you are after. Nothing fills the boat faster than tapping into the knowledge of local fishermen and professional anglers before setting out 16-30 miles offshore for a great day of fishing.

6). Offshore fishing can include encounters with dolphins, whales and sea turtles along the way, so keep your camera handy, along with your fishing rod. And finally, as the sun sets on a day filled with the marvels of Costa Ballena’s abundant ocean life, enjoy the journey back inland to the lush rainforest canopy and breathtaking views.

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