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Blazing Trails along Costa Ballena

Jul 29, 2016
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Along Costa Rica’s southwestern Pacific coast, the Costa Ballena region offers a microcosm of everything beautiful about one of the world’s most pristine natural wonders. Costa Ballena has the distinction of being the only stretch of Costa Rican coastline where all of the country’s natural attributes collide in a rainbow of natural colors, from lush tropical rainforest, to surf, sand and stunning mountain vistas.

With such a vast array of terrain and landscapes, exploring all of the treasures that Costa Ballena has to offer in a comprehensive manner can be challenging. However, thanks to Jungle ATV Quad Tours, that task can easily be accomplished…with an added shot of adrenaline! If you don’t mind getting a little down and dirty in the name of adventure and exploration, a 4.5-hour Jungle ATV Quad Tour is just what the doctor ordered. The tour offers a ‘door-to-door’ style experience, touching on all of Costa Ballena’s collective beauty through a succession of trails leading from one natural wonder to another.

Beginning at the company’s offices in the coastal town of Uvita, tour guides provide training to beginners and experienced quad riders alike before taking to the roads and into the jungle. The tour whisks you through changing landscapes, from cozy coastal life into the lush surroundings of the rainforest, where towering bamboo and local wildlife including monkeys, sloths, toucans and parrots await. Thanks to the efficiency of powerful quad vehicles, the Jungle ATV Quad Tour provides you with all of the guts required to tackle every challenging obstacle in your path. After cruising along village roads, a quick press of your quad’s 4WD button prepares you to seamlessly climb through rocky terrain, navigate dirt paths and cross a network of streams along the way.

The ATV tour starts at sea level and rises to 4,000 feet above, where mountain vistas of the Pacific coastline make for ideal resting spots and photo opportunities. The trails lead back down through area farms, villages and working coffee plantations, culminating in a refreshing stop at the San Luis waterfall. Standing tall at 300 feet, the San Luis waterfall is one of the tallest in Costa Rica and is known to get lost in the clouds. A stop at a local rest area offers access to the falls, where a refreshing swim washes away the soil of the rainforest in the purest of water sources. After an exhilarating bonding experience with the elements of your natural surroundings, fresh local fruit, natural juices and granola bars fill the tank again for the ride back to base.

The Jungle ATV Quad Tour assembles at 8:45am at the company’s offices in Uvita for a brief training session. The tour departs at 9:00am and returns to base at approximately 1:30pm. The cost of the tour is $120USD, which includes refreshments throughout the journey.

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