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Costa Rica and its Tropically Delicious Gastronomy

Apr 04, 2017
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Costa Rica´s cuisine is a mix of tastes and flavors and offers all the tropical goodness of this blessed Central American country. It is an identity as nation which Costa Rican people are proud and it is obvious to say why.

Costa Rica´s gastronomy is the result of the fusion primarily of 3 cultures: Indigenous, Spanish and African, where the flavors of this “mestiza” kitchen, have a native, Mediterranean, happy and creative touch. Also, the privileged position of Costa Rica in the map makes that this country very rich in flora and fauna, have a wide range of delicious ingredients that your tongue will love, and having access to 2 oceans the seafood is an undisputed gastronomical strength of this country.

Costa Rican breakfasts are varied, tasty and full of color, where the famous Gallo Pinto is very popular between inhabitants, that is a delicious mix of rice and beans seasoned with a “magic” and secret ingredient with English sauce and spices. La Tortilla Palmeada is made of corn and can be served with Queso Fresco, a very fresh and soft cheese. And to sweeten the day delicious tropical fruits like, bananas, watermelon, papaya, cantaloupe, pineapple or mango nourished by this tropical taste are not bad.

Lunch in Costa Rica is a very important meal, and it is a food fully charged of flavors where a typical soup like Olla de Carne could be a good appetizer, made of beef and local vegetables like, chayote, ñampí, potatoes, yucca, ayote, tiquizque and plantains.

The Arroz con Pollo or Rice with Chicken, is a delicious alternative, where a tasteful rice mixed with shredded chicken can be served with a delicious salad and “Grounded Beans” as a side. Frijoles Molidos or grounded beans are like a dip very popular in this beautiful land, they go very good with fried potatoes.

Another alternative is Casado, which can vary its protein between stewed chicken or beef, pork chops or fish. Served with rice, special prepared beans called “Frijoles Arreglados”, the infallible sweet plantains with a delicious salad. You can accompany this with a delicious natural juice, very wanted and famous in the country, made of tropical fruits like, strawberries, mango, blackberry, tamarind and more.

Ceviche is always an excellent option, made of white fish like tilapia or corvina, mixed with lime juice, onions and cilantro, served in a two oceans country which guarantees freshness.

After that, what about dessert? Options are different: Rice Pudding, Tres Leches, Cajetas, empanadas de Chiverre, Churchill or Prestiños.

The night in Costa Rica is also full of taste and a native´s favorite is Chifrijo, which combines rice, beans, chimichurri, pork skin served with tasteful plantain chips. Generally, dishes like this are enjoyed in small portions and in a good cantina, drinking a good local beer like Bavaria, Pilsen or Imperial.

Costa Rica, a country full of happiness, color and taste.

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