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Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica: A Paradise on Earth

Apr 09, 2017
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Manuel Antonio National Park located at the pacific coast of Costa Rica, is a natural Paradise. This spectacular place is 1571 kilometers far from San Jose, and it counts with 55,000 hectares of marine resources.

This heavenly place has one of the most amazing landscapes in America, where the white sand beaches and clear water are simply incredible and it stands out with green foliage and colorful full of life mountains.

The activities that tourists can do are different, they can go hiking along the park paths, also they can go kayaking around the coast, have a good horseback riding or to go fishing.

This incredible park is one of the most popular touristic destinies in Costa Rica, even if it is a small park (but huge in beauty), it is one of the most visited due to its easy access and its varied ecosystems. Manuel Antonio National Park is located in a tropical humid forest, protecting patches of primary and secondary forests, mangrove swamp, beach vegetation, marine environment, a 14-hectare lagoon and islands.

The floral species that tourists can appreciate the most in the park are the guácimo, colorado, cedro maría, guapinol blanco, surá, lechoso, ceiba y cenizario. Between the most outstanding animal species we can find the perezoso de 2 dedos, mono cara blanca, pizote, guatusa, different felines and the tití monkey which is considered in extinction danger, due to the destruction of its habitat and the irresponsible use of this animals as pets.

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